Shadowbox Studio info & rates

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The main shooting area of Shadowbox Studio is 25’ x 30’ by 14’.

A white seamless wall that is 20’ wide by 14’ tall by 12’ deep occupies one wall of the studio.

There is a roll-up garage door with ample access for loading. We can rig black or chroma key green backdrops to cover this wall, up to 20 feet wide, 12’ tall, and 10’ deep. You can also bring your own backdrop to rig.

The studio is fully climate controlled and includes a lobby/green room, restroom, internet access, parking lot, refrigerator, ceiling-mounted video projector (720p), and movie projection area.


Studio only
$150/day     $100/half day
You bring your own camera, lights, and audio gear, and use the space for up to 10 hours (full day) or 5 hours (half day). Also good for other events like classes, meetings, installations, etc.

Speedotron strobe kit
$50/day     $40/half day
Includes two 800 watt packs, four heads, reflectors, grids, cables, Pocket Wizard and slave rig.

Arri + Mole fresnel kit
$50/day     $40/half day
Includes one Mole Richardson Baby Solarspot 1K fresnel, two 650 watt and one 300 watt Arri fresnel, stands, scrims, barn doors, speed rings for each Arri instrument, 1 small Chimera, 1 extra small Chimera, spare bulbs.

Custom lighting packages also available; please inquire

Lighting accessories
$50/day     $40/half day
Includes diffusion, assorted gels, reflectors, 1000w dimmer, black wrap, C47s.

Audio package
$50/day     $40/half day
Includes Zoom H4n audio recorder, XLR cables, and up to two microphones:
   Sony ECM-44B wired lav (2 available)
   Wireless lav (2 available)
   Sennheiser shotgun mic & boom pole

$50/day     $40/half day
Includes three C-stands, nesting apple box, sand bags, assorted clamps, gaffer’s tape, mafer clamps, basic toolkit.

Need a camera operator? Gaffer? Sound mixer? Makeup artist? Photo assistant? Editor? We have a roster of talented local production veterans. Contact us for more information.