Bitchin Bajas + Nathan Bowles Trio

No advance tickets; there will be Venmo/cash tickets available at the door. Doors open 7:30 pm; show starts at 8-ish pm.

Bitchin Bajas are a musical trio from Chicago playing meditative and textured music
with hypnotic and rhythmic overtones combining electronic and acoustic instruments.

New record Bajascillators LP/CS/Digital came out in September on Drag City, Inc.

      Bajascillators arrives almost five years since their last official full-length, 2017’s
Bajas Fresh. In the eight years prior, from 2010 to Fresh, Bitchin Bajas issued seven
albums, plus cassettes, EPs, singles…wave after wave of analogue synth tones
and zones extending into a stratospheric arc. Each release its own headspace,
shape and timbre, each one sliding naturally into their implacable, eternal gene pool.
Following the flow, always, the Bajas went ever-deeper-and-higher on these records,
whether making soundtracks or collaborating with Natural Information Societyor with
Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, using only fortune cookie fortunes as a libretto. Plus, engagement
with a steady stream of shows and tours around the world; live re-airings and
expansions of the space captured in their records as they continued to grow and flow
— all the way through, really, to the present moment. Plus, there have been releases
since 2017 — a split 12”, a 7” single, digital long-form edition track release and two
“Cuts”cassettes, plus the all-covers cassette release Switched On Ra. But the
overall number of releases, plus the five years between long players, implies a
potential distance between phases, a new line in the sand. The sound of Bajascillators
bear this out. How couldn’t it? Compared to 2017, this is a different world — and,
as has everlutionary been true, in case of new world, new Bajas!

      Bajascillators, then, necessarily reflects the experiences — the changed and the
changing — in the life and times of Bitchin Bajas these last five years. Like all the new
gear, for instance! Everything from keys to mic pres, and many other machines to make
their home setup an increasingly real thing. These bits and pieces came in and needed
time to grow into the setup organically. That was time. Then add in the changing
circumstances as they jammed from week to week, hearing things differently all the time.
Different energies manifested from the variety of new possibilities to explore — all of
that led to a massive buildup of material. Then reviewing everything they had, to find
paths into the new record. More time! And yet, after all that, the unprecedented lightness
of the space in Bajascillators belies the long gestation period, drawing and juxtaposing
from all the moments that needed to be, and mixing them as one with immaculate

      Mastered directly from half-inch analogue tape, Bajascillators floats transparently
from the speakers, its expansive grooves gathering resonance and building momentum
over the four sides, from genesis to reconclusion, cascading ecstatically. The elastic
magic of time at its brightest! As the world keeps turning, so too do Bitchin Bajas, in the
same unknowable way. You can’t explain it — just keep turning.


Friday, Dec 09 2022


8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
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