Rent the Studio

  • $150 - half day (up to 5 hours)
  • $250 - full day (up to 10 hours)
  • $25 for painting white floor

You bring your own camera, lights, and audio gear, and use the space for up to 5 hours (half day) or 10 hours (full day). If you need a pristine look on the white seamless area, we recommend a fresh paint job for the floor. You can add that on for an extra $25.

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You can select add-ons during booking.

Lighting - LED or Tungsten: $50

Your choice of four lighting instruments.

LED lighting stock:
All LEDs are dimmable and bicolor.

  • Fotodiox Pro Factor 1.5
  • Fotodiox Pro Factor 1.0
  • Fotodiox 12" round instrument.

Tungsten lighting stock:

  • Mole Richardson Baby Solarspot 1K & 750 fresnels
  • Arri 650 watt & 300 watt fresnels

Custom lighting packages also available from our neighbor Grip Haus; please inquire

Audio for Video Package: $50

Includes Zoom H4n audio recorder, XLR cables, and up to two microphones:

  • Sony ECM-44B wired lav
  • Sennheiser wireless lav (2 available)
  • Sennheiser ME 66 shotgun mic & boom pole

Rent the Podcast Studio

  • $150 - half day (up to 5 hours)
  • $250 - full day (up to 10 hours)

Turnkey recording system means you can just bring an SD card. Includes two mics on articulated arms: an Electro-Voice RE20 and a Shure SM7, Cloudlifter boxes for each mic to boost signal, Zoom H4n audio recorder, and XLR cables to connect everything. Guest mic can be positioned at social distancing length.

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About the Space

The studio is 35' x 25'. A white seamless wall that is 20’ wide by 14’ tall by 12’ deep occupies one wall of the studio.

There is a roll-up garage door with ample access for loading.

We can rig black or chroma key green backdrops to cover the garage door; up to 18 feet wide, 10’ tall, and 10’ deep. You can also bring your own backdrop to rig.

The studio is fully climate controlled and includes a lobby/green room, restroom, internet access, and parking lot.

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