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Shadowbox Studio is an artist-owned space that provides a great shooting location at an affordable price. Since 2015, we’ve hosted photographers, filmmakers, musicians, fashion designers, documentarians, and performing artists of all kinds. When pandemics aren’t raging, we also host an eclectic range of oddball performances and events.


Alex Maness

Alex Maness is a photographer, filmmaker, projection designer, and jack of all trades living in Durham.  A North Carolina native, he is a past staff photographer for The Independent Weekly newspaper and is a co-conspirator here at Shadowbox studio. Find him at and on Instagram @tothemoon.alex

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Jim Haverkamp

Jim Haverkamp is a freelance video editor and filmmaker. An Iowa native, he has called North Carolina home for 25 years.  His short films have played around the world, including the London Underground Film Festival, Chicago Underground Film Festival, and the American Dance Festival. Jim also teaches for Duke University's Department of Cinematic Arts and bowls occasionally. Find him at

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