Shadowbox Studio Policies

Rental Terms

  • Please remember that prep and clean up are included in your reservation time. Book enough time for clean up.
  • We are not an event space and we have a max capacity of 12 people.
  • Glitter, paper confetti, and fireworks are not permitted
  • No smoking or drugs are permitted
  • ​Be courteous of those using the studio before and after you
  • We do not offer refunds for cancellations
  • We do not provide cleaning supplies
  • ​You may arrive 15 min. early for your shoot, but if there is a shoot before you, we ask for you to wait to enter until your scheduled time.
  • Please place all props/equipment back in the original location, place trash in the trash bin.
  • Take all personal belongings with you, and turn off the lights.
  • Please be courteous of shoots after you and make sure to exit when your reservation time is up.
  • If any of these policies are violated during your shoot, we reserve the right to charge you additional fees.

​Payment Terms

The total lease agreement full payment due, based on a rate as detailed in Lessor’s cost of use, is due and payable prior to or on the rental date, at the time any rented space or equipment is used or picked up ( before it leaves the studio).
Charges will be computed from the effective date of this agreement until the equipment or rental period is returned or complete.


Should the Lessee need to cancel a confirmed venue rental date or time specified will be due per the following terms:
Cancellation within 25-48 hours of confirmed rental dates: refund 100% of deposit paid. refund 0% any expenses incurred by Lessor.
Cancellation within 24 or less hours of confirmed rental order: refund 0% of deposit paid. refund 0% any expenses incurred by Lessor.
Deposits are non-transferable or applicable to other rental dates/time unless decided before 24 hours of dates booked.

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