Barnaby! + The All Things

Beacon, NY’s BARNABY! storms NC for the first time, headlining a night of tight indie rock at Shadowbox Studio. Undeniably catchy power trio led by Mimi Sun Longo headline this banger of a show with Durham/CH’s The All Things opening.


BARNABY!, formerly known as MSL, has returned. Now condensed to a power trio, but somehow sustaining an even brighter spark, a sharper edge. Harrison Cannon (bass, formerly of NC’s Geezer Lake) and Mike Rasimas (drums), used to back up Mimi Sun Longo (vocals and guitar), but now they’re given equal billing, and as a result, the band has never sounded this tight, this unified in its purpose. The band has played together on and off for seven years. During the pandemic, they made it official as “MSL” (an abbreviation of Mimi Sun Longo), with the vinyl release of the propulsive Fated/Faded in 2021 ( But for their sophomore release, they decided to take on a moniker that would be more representative of the whole band’s energy. BARNABY! is loosely named after Mimi’s Animal Crossing character, a chaotic/joyful persona she takes on when performing live. BARNABY! released a weekly series of singles in November and December of 2022, and has now bundled them together as a digital album for 2023. This perfect slice of pop rock builds on the successes of Fated/Faded, taking more artistic chances, rising to new heights.

“Island” LIVE VID:

The All Things are the long-game meta rock outfit led by NC-native and Durhamite Alec Ferrell. Following a 13-year exile to the Phantom Zone, Ferrell has escaped at long last and is joined by guitarist/bassist/force majeure Michael Venutolo-Mantovani, Nate Venture on the skins, and bassist/professor of def/life-support-system known as Michael Galinsky on the level. This will be their first show without AI assistance.

“Angels In Progress” VID:

Light show, special secret surprises, and a post-show wrap up dance party ensure a kick ass evening of original, independent rock and roll at SHADOWBOX STUDIO, FRIDAY, MARCH 17th!

Both bands eff with @ClearlyRecords.

TICKETS: $10 in advance, $12 at the door:


Friday, Mar 17 2023


7:30 pm - 11:30 pm
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