Soporus + Silence & The Unwinking Minds + TLVS + Spacelab

Get ready for 2024’s spacedrone showcase!

Soporus – Guitar & Bass Guitar Duet (space rock/drone)
Soporus is informed by ideas of memory, family, and humanity’s attempts to harness nuclear power. Yes, nuclear power–and in particular, the tightrope walk of calmly harnessing potentially disastrous reactions at nuclear power plants–has continued to provide the duo with inspiration, springing from a childhood in the Cold War era and central Pennsylvania roots in the shadow of Three Mile Island. Stone and Stichter count guitar and bass, respectively, as their main instruments, and each has developed unique playing techniques to utilize them in the service of atmospheric space and swelling waves of sounds.

TLVS – Guitar, Keys, Drums Trio (instrumental)
Their take on vocal-free rock music allows for emotional transfer across passages that are at times frenetic & at other times genteel. “There are many times when these songs just seem so triumphant, as if we have just won a war and come out on the other side as the victor.” – Raised By Cassettes

Silence & The Unwinking Minds – Electronics (ambient/drone)
Silence and the Unwinking Minds is an ambient electronic music project and the first solo work by Derek Pearson. Prominently composed with his modular synth, a sampler, and a tape machine, Derek’s music explores the tension between lush ambience and gritty textures, combining for moments of unexpected beauty.

Spacelab (ambient/drone)
Matt and Bob doing spacey stuff with lots of gadgets.


Saturday, Feb 03 2024


7:30 pm - 11:30 pm
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