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Shadowbox Studio is a photo & video shooting space located at 900 East Club Boulevard, Unit 2200-D (inside the new Ample Storage complex) in Durham, North Carolina.

Perfect for portraits, product photography, interviews, voice overs, movie screenings, workshops, auditions, small events, spy club meetings, and whatever you can dream up.

Amenities include 25’ x 30’ shooting/activity space (with 14’ ceiling), voice recording area, parking lot, internet access, restroom, climate control, lobby/green room.

Rates start at $100/day for studio space, with options for renting gear, crew, and post-production services.

Contact us to find out more and schedule a tour.



Thu July 6 – 7:00 pm
Movie Loft presents
The Hitch-Hiker and Detour
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As the summer encroaches, Movie Loft scurries into the dark recesses of Shadowbox Studio on Thursday July 6 for a road-trouble noir double-feature of The Hitch-hiker and Detour.

First up, The Hitch-hiker, from 1953 and directed by the amazing Ida Lupino! Based on a true story, two pals head out on a fishing trip and pick up a psycho hombre along the way, with all sorts of ensuing tension (most dramatically courtesy of Edmond O'Brien's right eye that never closes).

Second will be the rough and tumble Detour, a stone classic from 1945, directed by Edgar G. Ulmer! Ann Savage and Tom Neal star as lost souls on the highways in this compact tale of shiesty woe.

Tunes for the evening will be the coolest jazz and slinkiest noir sounds we can find. There will be hot dogs, starting at 7 along with the musics. Each movie is about 70 minutes, so we'll start promptly-ish at 8, with a 10 minute intermission between.

Free, donations appreciated. BYO or sample what's on-hand
Sat July 15 – 5:30 pm
Movie & music mashup
All Skate, Everybody Skate and Tricky the Cosmonaut
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Join us Saturday, July 15 for a cookout / screening / concert / party with a distinctly coastal flavor, as we present Nicole Triche's documentary film about a Topsail, NC skating rink, All Skate, Everybody Skate and the seemingly immortal Wilmington-originated band Tricky the Cosmonaut.

All Skate, Everybody Skate is Nicole Triche's documentary short about a 50-year-old skating rink, located above a rural post office in Topsail, NC, and the woman who runs it all. It premiered at the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival this year, and is currently touring the country at other festivals. Don't miss this hometown screening.

Tricky The Cosmonaut is a band that existed in another time and dimension - mid '90's, Wilmington, NC. They've either never really broken up, or have played more reunion gigs than Ozzy has done farewell tours. It's been a bout five years since they last played, so why not play again now?

FREE, all welcome. Come early for grillin' and drinkin'. BYO beverages and stuff to grill or sample what's on hand. Donations appreciated.

Grillin' at 5:30ish
All Skate at 7ish
Tricky at 8:30ish
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